Late to Rise, Late to bed, Make a man Patient of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Gulam Sarwar khan
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Revenge bedtime procrastination

Late to Rise, Late to bed, Make a man Patient of Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

Are you late-night party animal, or you spend your night watching movies and surfing your mobile. The doctor warns against making it a habit through. It is not a serious clinical condition yet.

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book “

What is revenge bedtime procrastination? When you stay outside late- night. Without any proper reason. Or watching movies and surfing mobile for late-night. Even when we know that the next day being early and important and the lack of sleep may cause an interruption in our performance. And this process is going on. It is called revenge bedtime procrastination.

Doctors tell that it is not an established clinical condition requiring treatment unless it becomes really serious. it is in the early phase of research.

But precaution is better than cure. According to various researches, it is proof that. lockdown due to covid-19. Not only impact on life and livelihood. But also change our habit of daily life.

During lockdown due to lock in the house. Desolation, boringness and stress were fastened us especially youth was more affected with this.

So they were craving entertainment. And because of this late-night mobile surfing. Watching movies. Late-night taking with friend or relatives included in our habit.

Because we had no work for next day. But when the normal life started. The problem is starting. Because we are habituated to social media, movies, and other enjoyment activity.

Because of the hectic schedule of daily routine. We did not give full time to it. so we start these activities at night. And for this, we start our revenge with our sleep.

And this cause invitation to other diseases and mental illness. Like anxiety, brain fog and poor emotional regulation.

7 Simple steps rid from Revenge bedtime procrastination or sleeping disorder

1 When you go to bed makes distance with electronic gadgets.

2 Make a time table for daily routine in which at least 6hour fixed for sleep. And strict on the time table.

3 Some people have sleeping sickness. So they use a book instead of a mobile. After a few Minute, you feel that your both eyelids are heavy. Because your brain and eye both exhausted.

4 You use a weighted blanket, These are light-weight blanket which creates pressure on the body. On marketing platform, it’s easily available

5 Noise-cancelling earplug, Give calm environment for sleep

6 Blue light glasses, blue light waves boost attention through the day and suppress the production of melatonin that helps you get to sleep at night.

7 your daily routine mostly impact your sleep. So oxygenate your brain by yoga, meditation and listing to music on low frequency.

so deep sleep is essential not only for our better performance. but also for internal healing and mental strength.

“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.”



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