Fed up, you do not Complete your Task in a Limited Time. Try these 5 Hacks

Gulam Sarwar khan
3 min readJun 26, 2021


Are you fed up, because you do not complete your task in a limited time or in the scheduled time off work? Do not worry you are not the only one on this list.

80% of people have affected by this problem. to know about its remedy first, you understand that this is not an inbuilt feature in human being. You have to master it.

The two things which are not in the control of human beings. The first is life and death and the second is time.

We have no power to go into the past and change our past. No power to know our future. so we have no full control over the time.

We only do to manage our time. So to give value to our time is the reason behind the success of a successful person.

They give priority to their time. Spend their time like a miser person spends their money.

The successful person keeps bookkeeping every second and hour. They utilize their time in productive work. Which give them returns.

You think that, why we do not manage our time like a successful person? Or we also manage time but not being successful?

In answer to the first question, Time management is a skill. Learn to manage time is not a difficult task.

It is just like learning other skills. Like learning another language, other management skills, and academic courses.

How to manage your time?

how to manage you time

1. Make a schedule for your daily task or everyday To-Do list- In every morning you prepare a chart of your everyday task. It takes 5 min.

Most people fail because they start their work of the day without any planning, schedule, and strategies.

Shortly after starting, we trap in the maze of what to do first and what to do later. so, they left the work or do the task directionless.

When we make a to-do list. We know what we have to do first and which work to do later. Which give focus and help to avoid distraction

2. Strict on your schedule or self-discipline- In most of the conditions. We fail because we are not strict on our schedule or planning.

Our approach like Do it today, do it tomorrow and do it tomorrow, do it day after tomorrow. Means procrastination approach. Lots of people distracted because they are not strict on their work.

So, leave this approach and strict on our plans. Strict on the plan is a self-discipline work that needs practice. How much you practice, that much you master in it. it takes a long time.

This approach not only helps you in time management. But also in achieving other goals and make you successful people.

3. One work at one time- This strategy helps you from exhaustion and overhauling.

Remember you are not a machine. You have some limitations. So, identify your limit and make a strategy according to it. Try to do one work at one time.

4. Includes rest period in your schedule- By including rest period. You protect yourself from exhaustion and overhauling.

In a study conducted by NASA. The report is come out that by taking a nap of 30 min. Pilots productivity is increased to 24 Present.

5. Try to accomplish past tasks- When you prepare your daily schedule. You include a row for the remaining works.

It helps you to always remember your dues. If you find extra time in today’s work. You try to accomplish your past task.

In answer of the second question (we also manage time but not being successful). The two reasons behind this are first, scarcity of self-discipline. Second, our ego, we know how to manage time. but in reality, we are in illusion.

so the best way is to overcome our ego and learn time management skill. The above technique helps you implement to successfully manage your time.



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