5 Steps To Attain Peace Of Mind

Gulam Sarwar khan
12 min readDec 25, 2021


There was a moment after I believed that peace of mind was a destination, even as I believed I'd ultimately reach happiness or success.

It felt like one thing I was required to pursue or find—certainly not one thing I may experience while not dramatically ever-changing my life.

I was required to figure less, get additional rest, and customarily improve my circumstances and relationships to become a peaceful person.

Despite seeing peace as an Associate in the Nursing finish, I additionally saw it as one thing passive; finally, that is why I used to be therefore stressed: I had such a lot to try to do.

I even have since realised that peace is usually accessible, and like all desired states of mind, it needs effort, even though that effort consciously chooses to stay still.

Sure, our circumstances do affect our status, however, they do not need to be managed.

if we tend to build little selections for the sake of our well-being. Of course, it's tasking to decide on peace after we are experiencing tough times.

I still bear times after I get caught up in worries and tensions, and I will desire that this is often the solely accessible response to the items that have happened. However, it isn't like that.

There are infinite things we can do to form peace of mind in response to, and systematically, every day, events that happen in our lives.

If you too need to develop a bigger sense of calm and peace of mind, you'll realize the following pointers helpful:

Do meditation, communicate your feelings with your near ones. If you do not find anyone then note it down in a notebook. It may be your daily diary.

Engage yourself in any activity, which you like to do, make your life creative, hold the lamp of knowledge, connect with people and society, contribute something to society, make yourself polite.

So there are 5 steps to attain peace of mind but these all need a mentor, coach or teacher. Which guide you to go on the right way to attain peace of mind.

The 5 steps to attain peace of mind.

1. Slow down yourself.

The main cause of hussy and fussiness in life is our reckless running behind our success. We are always in a hurry. We have no time for family, for others, and even for ourselves.

We are so in a hurry that today is the only day we have. On the next day, the world will end. Yes, no doubt time is important but with all this, our health is also important.

What we will do with this success and prosperity. When we do not enjoy it. It is worthless.

So First of all, slow down. I will not tell you to halt yourself or stop yourself. I only say you to be a turtle not be a rabbit. In the story of the turtle and rabbit race.

Which rabbit lose his race because he was exhausted due to recklessly running and thought that he was more powerful than his opponent. So he thought that he will rests for a while and after that, he will finish the race.

But the turtle was consistent and ends his race on the finish line. When he has started the race. He knew that he was not compatible with the rabbit. But on one thing he was determined that whatever the result will come, he will lose or win. But he will complete his full race. Without any halt.

So in the end he wins the race. It means, without being engulfed in a maze of success and failure continue on your path. It gives you peace of mind and success.

Second, try mindfulness practice, in which your main focus is on your breath. It improves mental power and makes your mind active and distraction-free.

Third, stop comparing yourself with others, this is the main cause of mental destruction. Every person is unique, all have different capabilities, and all have different destinies. So how will the life of all spend the same? It is not possible.

When things don’t go in keeping with our needs, in keeping with our wishes, in keeping with our dreams and ambitions.

Once we see the alternative of these in somebody else’s life. somebody I do know has all his needs returning true, wishes are becoming consummated, dreams are getting realities, and ambitions area unit being achieved.

It demotivates US. Several people face mental disorders thanks to this. Suggests that in brief, we tend to area unit rather. Than being additional depressed in our misery, we tend to area unit depressed in others happiness.

Instead of departure our past failure behind and moving forward to regain our Success. we tend to Sat down and considered why I fail, and my friend pass. These thoughts can stop our journey.

The comparison defeated the person within sort of a mite. Whereas we all know that each person contains a distinctive identity and destiny. His pleasure and sorrow betting on his doing and destiny.

Fourth, inculcate gratitude in your attitude. It makes you open and polite. Gratitude has a dual meaning: one earthly and one transcendental. In its earthly sense, gratitude is a feeling that occurs in mutual exchange when one person acknowledges receiving valuable benefits from another.

Gratitude is a cognitive-dominant state typically associated with the belief that one has obtained a personal benefit that was not intentionally sought, deserved, or earned but because of another person’s good intentions.

2. Energetic spiritual cleansing of the soul.

There is a direct connection between the soul and your mind. The soul is the driver of the car and the mind is the car. Our soul guides us, how we make decisions in our life.

If our soul is clean, our car will go in the right direction without any trouble in the carburettor. But if our soul is spoiled, our car is without an engine with lots of breaks.

So cleansing is essential for peace of mind. Here the question is raised: how do we clean our minds?

By following steps you can clean your mind.

First, By doing forgiveness practice. According to my, no anything is satisfied you more than forgiveness. It gives you a feeling of completion. It gives you a feeling of elder. It gives honour to you in your eyes.

How to forgive.

Place yourself within the alternative person’s shoes. Attempt to perceive from their purpose of read why they hurt you. Perhaps they go through one thing you did not understand. Was this a misunderstanding?

Attempt to consider true or event objectively, taking your feelings out of the image for a second. What happened? are you able to see each sides?

When you are ready share it with your friends, relatives and others that you are ready to forgive. It helps you in commitment.

Second, Accept your fault and apologise.

What is the right way to go?

Psychiatrist Andrea Bonnier answers this. She is the author of the book 'Detox Your Thoughts: Quit Negative Self-Talk for Good'. She says, 'There must be three things in our apology. I apologize, I have done this wrong and what can I do to correct it? We have given sorrow to others, so do not talk about your feelings.

When we an apo to someone

Vietnamese Buddhist guru Tik Nyat Hannah was asked that we apologize, but what to do if the person in front does not forgive us?

Tik Nat says, 'We can learn, everyone can learn. We all make mistakes and we learn from our mistakes.

A mistake made by the mind changes our relationship with that mistake. It may take time to forgive others, but until then we keep on evolving ourselves. Give your support to others.

There is love for loved ones, so we forgive them without saying sorry, or without saying sorry.

Glad that our loved ones realize the mistake. When this affinity of ours starts expanding to others, then we also start seeing the signs of our mistakes in the actions of others.

Then we do not delay in apologizing to anyone or forgiving them. We don't need anyone else. We keep on improving ourselves.

Third, Let go, this is one of the best behaviours, when you inculcate it in your life. You never stop your journey. It gives you peace of mind. Because now you know how to move forward to lose all the regrets of the past. Your only target will be your feature.

Fourth, Heal the relationship with parents, I do not restrict you to only heal the relationship with parents only. But I say we must heal every signal relationship in our life. They are our treasure, which we use on our worst day when most of the people leave us. They are great sources of peace of mind.

Fifth, Aura cleansing, search your distinctive nature or uniqueness. Which makes you differ from others, ignited it. It takes you to a new high and kills the inferiority complex.

We think that who makes successful people successful, they are as same as we are. So what makes him different.

The only difference is that they know about their uniqueness and do hard work to sharpen it.

Sixth, Heal your inner child, your conscience, intuition, and insight is your inner child which fully depends on your soul cleansing, if your soul is clean, above all work efficiently. If your soul is not clean, there are different types of menace you face. Your mind feels sickness.

Seventh, Uplift your energy, I guarantee you that if you complete the above steps efficiently. You find that your energy level increases.

Upliftment of energy does not only based on healthy diet but healthy life style is also responsible in the same proportion.

3. Purification of mind and body.

cleansing the soul, the purification of mind and body is essential. You observe that when the mechanic does service of a car or motorbike.

He does not only do the service or clear the trash from the carburettor. But also cleared the other parts of the vehicle.

No doubt the soul is the primary of cleansing. But another part of purification is also important. Means purification of body and mind. So to purify the body and mind, you can follow the following steps.

First, you should check your mind status. Means how you react. When you face an abnormal situation. You get angry, irritated, and full of fear. And you calm down and face the situation. If your reaction is the first one you should first reset your mindset.

Second, Attitude is everything, every person has a different attitude, so their tackling skill of the situation is also different. So, some people break down with a light wave of life. Because they have a negative attitude. But some people never kneel in front of the high wave of life. Because of their positive attitude.

Third, Stop whining, tears make you weak, it is my experience. Tears are that treasure, which we should always try to hide. Because in today's world, people are waiting to see your tears and laugh at you. No doubt tears help to release your pain, so if you want to cry then go to a lonely place. Choose a trusted partner from which you share your feelings and pain.

Fourth, Habit check-up and body cleansing, Habit plays a vital role in the journey of life and peace of mind. Habit is the bridge to success. This is the one thing that we start learning from our womb and learning to the tomb.

Like when a baby is in the womb, doctors try to correct the movement. When they come into the world, their mother teaches them to breastfeed.

And when we are in our elder days our child corrects our habits according to them. So this is an ongoing process, which ends with our life. So we always try to correct it. On any stage of life.

Fifth, Purification of the body/environment. Purify yourself and your surroundings. It makes your heart and mind energetic and focused.

Cleaning of heart and mind purify yourself internally and externally.

4. Connect with the spirit and discover your life path.

In the fourth step, you connect with your spirit or soul and discover your life path. For this, you have to first control your thoughts.

Means your past regrets, the trauma of life, and repetition of thought. These all end with depression, anxiety, and fear.

So to avoid this you must have control over your thoughts. So to control your thoughts, you have to connect with your higher self/ soul. And establish a communication between the soul and our mind.

Which is a must for peace of mind. Because when the tuning between mind and soul will be imbalanced We are found engulfing ourselves in various types of mental disorders.

When you find control over thought. You easily connect yourself to your soul and establish well tuning between soul and mind.

Now there is no battle between you. So you concentrate on discovering your life paths and enjoying new challenges and opportunities.

5. Maintain your peace of mind and keep it sustainable.

These steps are not a one day task. That you complete these steps in one day and you attain peace.

These steps are a continuous process. Which needs consistency and sustainability. This is like your meal.

You escape one or two meals a day but do not skip the whole day. This process of attaining peace of mind will be not one or two days, not one month or two months. It is a continuous process.

But a question arises here: these processes are lengthy and boring. How can I continue the same every day? Yes, it is very difficult to do this every day.

So I do not say to continue the whole process. I only tell you to boost yourself through various booster doses.

Like, mantra & affirmation & prayer, Pranayama, Tao songs, Healing code these will help you to boost your potential and maintain your rhythm of peace of mind.

Mantra & Affirmation & prayer

Oh, God, I am stifled under my sin.

I have no humbleness because of my ego,

I am rigid as a rock, I am filled with distraction,

My mind is filled with irritation, unrest, and fear.

God, you are the lord of this universe. Not even a single piece of the leaf will blow without your order. You are merciful, you love your followers more then 70 mothers.

Oh, God please protect me from unrest, distraction, and fear. Fill me with your grace, give me peace, make me soft, forgive my sin, and give me the power to make my living according to your described path.

Affirmation for strength.

Life is hard, sometimes unfair.

But I live life not by chance, but by choice.

No doubt life take the exam on every turn of life,

But I am ready to give the exam, without worrying about the result.

No doubt I fall every time, but it has not stopped me from trying climbing.

You also do pranayama and mindful practice for peace of mind.

So these are the 5 steps which you have to use to attain peace of mind. The above 5 steps which I explain are the part of peace of mind technique 5-week transform programme.

This technique is designed by Janine wolf. A motivational coach. Her abilities, spiritual understanding and life experience are the keys to unlocking long-lasting peace of mind.

You don't need to go through what she did for years. Her classes will teach you how to achieve your goals in the short term while ensuring long-term success.

Throughout his 20-year career, she has found the root of her client's most difficult problems. She devised a strategy to help them overcome their trauma.

Her main principle is to get to the root of the problem, whether it is childhood or past life, to remove the obstacles that are causing significant problems in their lives.

Anxiety and despair are symptoms of these obstacles, and they hurt overall life. If we don't address the root cause of the problem, it will get worse, and it will be difficult to find solutions.

Her 5-week transformer programme will be proven as a milestone in your life. Like in our study we need a teacher, in our game we need a coach, during admission to our chosen career we need a good adviser.

Like that to attain peace of mind we need a good coach to show us direction and make our pathfinder.


According to me, peace of mind is an essential thing for your growth, success, and pure happiness. If you will attain peace in your life. You find command over all the things in the world. You do anything that you want, success is at our feet.

Now you have a question, do I need a coach for that or not? I will give you a clear answer to that. The above step I describe in this topic is enough to attain peace of mind.

But it depends on your calibre that you follow the instruction and attain peace Or need a coach to show you path. And to guide you when you distract from your path.

No doubt teaching is always a better option. It depends on you which teacher or technique suits you for peace of mind.

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